Mackerel at Midnight:
Growing Up Jewish on a Remote Scottish Island

By Ethel G. Hofman CCP

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A collection of remarkable stories about the meeting of two diverse cultures in a unique landscape.

Fleeing Russia a century ago, the author’s family finds safe haven in Lerwick, Shetland, where they open “Greenvald’s,” the shop on Commercial Street. Her father, Harry, embraced by the locals, soon turns the shop into the beloved gathering place for “a good yarn and a dram of whisky.”

This is also the story of Jean, the wife Harry brings to Lerwick through a marriage broker. Though an ocean away from other Jews, Jean Greenwald, “Our Ma,” vows to rear her children with deep pride in their heritage and religion. Despite the hardships, good food always brings solace, and recipes for the Jewish and island dishes she prepares weave through the narrative. Both memoir and cookbook, Mackerel at Midnight brings the reader back to gentler times that exemplify how food can instill a lasting identity, and people of different religions and cultures can live together in peace.

  A revised edition of Mackerel at Midnight" has been published by Mercat Press, Edinburgh and released November 2006. Includes 70 recipes and expanded prologue and epilogue.
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Everyday Cooking for the Jewish Home
By Ethel G. Hofman CCP
HarperCollins 1997

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          A Jewish cookbook which is an indispensable culinary guide for the next century. Ms. Hofman shows how to combine convenience foods so that home cooks and families can once again enjoy quick, simple and good to eat meals - everyday and for holidays. 

          Everyday Cooking for the Jewish Home is a highly attractive, and effective premium for supermarkets, magazines, and publications.
Recipes range from classics to standbys, from matzoh brei to vegetarian chopped liver; snazzy updates such as Sabra Sauted Bananas and maple Drenched Almond latkes - and a whole range of regional dishes from Scotland to Morocco. This is an indispensable reference book and source for cooks of all levels and will appeal to every consumer - for the kosher cook, vegetarians, Muslims, lactose intolerant, and those who want to enjoy great meals without hassle.

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By Ethel G. Hofman CCP
Fast and McMillian Publishers 1982

         Elegant home entertaining is made easy in this lively and informative cookbook which rescues today's cook from the burger and salad syndrome, in spite of rising food costs and limited time.

         Making Food Beautiful presents sophisticated menus for a wide variety of occasions.  You can choose from a range of themes that include an English County Brunch and An Intimate Everything for Two.  The appearance, setting and taste of food are given equal emphasis.  Each menu is complete with easy-to-follow gourmet recipes, hints for transforming everyday service-ware into stylish table settings, step-by-step illustrated instructions for glamorous garnishes, suggestions for appropriate beverages and other tips for carrying out the menu's theme.

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