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Ethel is the Program Co-Director of GreenLee Concepts

Ethel G. Hofman, CCP, Director 

What is Kosher Food Consultants?

Kosher Food Consultants is a company specially created to help market the booming kosher food and wine industry. We target a new breed of consumers. Besides observant Jews, who have always only accepted kosher certified items, now Muslims, vegetarians, lactose intolerants, all look for kosher certified foods.

Large companies/ small companies and entrepreneurs - we work within your budget.
to provide: 

* Consumer driven recipes for holidays and everyday. 
* Quick start recipes for labels, brochures, advertisements, Ethel Hofman's deliciously easy recipes are developed exclusively for your product.
* Kosher product development - develop or upgrade products in response to contemporary lifestyles and tastes. 
* Chef and restaurant staff training: recipe and menu adaptation for kosher or kosher style establishments.
* Energize sales with creative ideas that appeal to savvy consumers
* Experienced spokespersons for your product

Past and present clients include the Dannon Company, Inc. Welch's Grape Juice, Loriva Supreme Foods, Beech-nut Baby Foods, Cabot Creamery, Philadelphia Restaurant School and Peaceworks.

Ethel ( is a kosher food consultant, syndicated Jewish food columnist, cookbook author, and food editor of the Baltimore Jewish Times and Philadelphia Jewish Exponent. She is also a past president of the International Association of Culinary Professionals.  Ethel is available for presentations and lectures based on her latest book "Mackerel at Midnight- Growing Up Jewish On a Remote Scottish Island."